General conditions

  • Driver needs to be 21 years of age
  • At least 2 years driving license
  • Personal identification document (driving license, passport or ID card)
  • Minimal car rental period 1 day (24 hours)
  • Allowed rental overdraft two additional hours
  • Gas – the vehicle is taken with full tank and returned the same
  • Car wash after rental is not charged upon

Vehicle use

Client has to be respectful towards the rented vehicle. In case of any car problem contact Skill rent-a-car immediately. Only clients who are signed in the contract are the ones who can conduct the vehicle. Additional driver is not charged.


All vehicles have FULL KASKO coverage (100%, without participation) from any damages caused, including theft, in both home country and abroad. Insurance is included in the rental price and is not additionally charged. The insurance is eligible exclusively with proper police report, as well as immediate contact of Skill ren-a-car informing them of recent happenings. Otherwise, the insurance mentioned above is not eligible and client is obliged to pay for any damages caused to the vehicle in full. Kasko insurance is not eligible when client in under the alcohol and drug influence. In case of theft, client is responsible to have both documents and car keys with them. Kasko insurance does not cover: damages to the bottom installation, interior, tires and wheels.

Payment method

Rental is paid in full during car pick up. Cash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard), Bank transfer.


No deposit needed.


Included in rental price.

Travel abroad

Granted, with Skill rent-a-car’s consent.


From the moment the car is rented until return time, client is responsible for every traffic violation committed. Including, the use of vehicle for any unlawful activities.